180px-Dh box front usa

Box Art for Dragon Hopper.

Dragon Hopper was thought to be one of the best selling 1996 games for the Virtual Boy, however it was never released.


"Dorin the Dragon Prince lived a happy life in the magical Kingdom of Celestia until the corrupt prime minister jailed his family. Pursued by soldiers, Dorin fled his home. As he ran away, he tripped and fell into a mysterious hole, landing in the Land of Faeron." *Nintendo Power Vol. 86 p.26.

Gameplay Edit

Dragon Hopper would play sort of from a bird's-eye view of your character. Dorin would probably have to solve puzzles by traveling around on various platforms at an attempt to find the exit and/or treasure hidden within the stage. There would've been seven worlds, all located in the same geographical region. Each world contained a warp tile that would send you to a shop where you can spend your collected star coins on new spells or a bonus game involving chance (similar to the lottery). When you rescued fairy spirits within each world, you would be awarded with an elemental power cooresponding to the fairy spirit you saved.