Red Alarm
Red Alarm is a flight simulator style game made by T&E Soft and Nintendo for the Virtual Boy .


The red alarm has been sounded in this space-shooter from T&E Soft. The KAOS defense system, once programmed to end the devastation of war, has now turned on its creators and has unleashed its computer controlled army to destroy its new enemy: humanity! The only force not controlled by the KAOS system is a lone Tech-Wing fighter ship, and as its pilot, you will have to fly the fighter through five stages of danger in this fully-3D flying game. Control your ship in any direction as you seek out and shoot down the biomechanical KAOS creations. Wireframe graphics fly right out at you in this three-dimensional Virtual Boy shooter.


Because the Virtual Boy was released prior to the rise in popularity of the analog stick in console video games, the designers of the system implemented dual D-pads for control (for more information see the article on the Virtual Boy). In Red Alarm, one D-pad controls the pitch and rotation of the ship, while the other controls forward, back and strafe movement (in bursts). The A and B buttons control speed on a throttle-like setup, where tapping A cycles forward through the speeds the ship can go, and tapping B cycles down to stop and fly backwards.

While there is no set time limit in a stage, players must complete it before their fuel runs out. Each level ends in a boss encounter (usually inside of an arena).

The player may watch a replay of a stage once completed, with the ability to rotate and zoom the camera's point of view.


  • Battle Mech- a battle machine. Tends to attack in groups
  • Kapper- an older, cheaper model. These are everywhere
  • NU-17- A defensive weapon system. Usually at portals
  • Spinning Death- A floating defensive weapon. Found in the depths of KAOS
  • Spy Pod- spy technology with few weapons. KAOS uses these to keep tabs on your location
  • Heavy Mech- this human-shaped weapon is forged from a titanium alloy
  • Attack Mech- a very powerful weapon system. Destroy them as soon as they appear
  • Mosquito Mech- quick, flying mechs which attack in groups
  • Dragon Mech- shaped like a dragon, this mech will hunt you with homing missiles of it own 


Hork Lander


Stage 3 Boss (Unnamed)

Stage 4 Boss (Unnamed)

Stage 5 Boss (Unnamed)